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It seemed as if there was some interest in this, so I'm going to go ahead and offer it.


Here is the offer: Web hosting for $20 - Site valid  until 02/29/2016.

  • This is a temporary account. See end of message.
  • Regardless of when you place your order, it will be valid until 02/29/2016.
What you get: 
A 'sub-domain' based website.
10GB of website storage space
200GB of monthly data transfer.
Access to a library of software that can be installed on your site.
These sub-domain accounts do not include any email accounts! You will not be able to have an email address at the domain you choose.


What is a sub-domain based site?
A domain name, for example, is lightorama.com. Notice how you have stuff like 'forums' and 'helpdesk' .lightorama.com? Those are sub-domains of the main 'lightorama.com' domain.
The hosting service for this offer is sub-domain based. You can pick a single  sub-domain name and use it on any 1 of the 5 following domain names.
Please note: The two .christmas domains and the two "mydisplay" domains can not be used past the 6 month offering. Why? I haven't yet decided what I'm doing with them full time, so as such I'm not offering them full time.
On March 01, 2016, these accounts will be REMOVED FROM THE HOSTING PLATFORM. If you want to retain your data you must make a backup PRIOR to this date.  If you wish to extend the hosting you may do so, but you will need to contact me prior to 02/29/2016.
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