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Sharing a Few Sequences with Video


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So this is my first year with LOR and I dove in head first, and because of the sequences shared by members of this forum I have completed 4 songs.
My display will consist of:
2 X RGB(dumb) arches - 8 channel each
7 X RGB(dumb) HolidayCoro HexaTrees
16 X 50 Pixel Tree
3 X RGB(dumb) CoroFlake SnowFlake
1 X RGB(dumb) Coro Cross (2 channel / Inside and outside)
1 X ChromaPole (4 RGB(dumb) strips)
1 x RGB(dumb) North Pole Topper
6 x RGB(dumb) Flood Lights
Roof / Yard LED C9's / 25 X Strobes / 20 X Snowfall tubes
Misc RGB(dumb) items
RGB Channels 144 Smart Pixels 2400 LOR AC 8 TOTAL 2552


So lets just say I bit off a lot for my first year :)


I wanted to give something back so here they are with videos and links to download.


*The pixel tree sequences are modified version of sequences purchased from HOLIDAYSEQUENCES.COM and are not included in the sequences. They deserve a shout out for the time saving service they offer!


Christmas In Sarajevo

Link to Sequence 


Amazing Grace by Yule


Deck The Roof Top

Link to Sequence


Music Box Dancer by DJ Schwede

Link to Sequence 



I also have the same sequences with a 32 channel Spiral Tree / 8 channels each of Red/White/Blue/Green (before I switched to Pixel Tree)

Download Here 


Thanks again to everyone who shares as this helps people getting into the game.



Steven G

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