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DMX RGB Flood Lights and hardware for sale


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Greetings all. I’m changing things around a bit and need to sell some DMX RGB Flood lights and associated hardware.
The flood lights are the Seasonal Entertainment Rainbow Flood Extremes.





These floods receive both data and power from a single cable and therefore require a blending device to combine power from an external power supply and the DMX data signal. Seasonal Entertainment also make those devices and I have a 1 line and a 2-4 line blenders for sale.

I used Light-O-Rama iDMX1000’s in my setup which made cabling simple for me. I ran my LOR network to the iDMX1000, an XLR to cat5 converter out of the iDMX1000, cat5 cable to the blender, connected external power supply to blender, and then connected the lights to the blender with weatherproof cables.
I ran 4 floods from the single cable blender setup and 9 from the setup with 2-4 cable blenders.

For sale are 2 bundles. Each bundle is a turn-key setup with everything that you need to add these floods to an existing LOR setup!


Pkg. 1:
 4-floods, 1-iDMX1000, 1-single line blender, 1-XLR to cat5 converter. 1-12volt power supply, 1-HD metal enclosure, 3-6ft cables and 1-15 Ft cable Asking $650  plus shipping   (retail cost is $960)





Pkg. 2:
9-floods, 1-iDMX1000, 2-4 line blenders, 1-XLR to cat5 converter, 2-12volt power supply, 2- HD metal enclosures, 5-6ft cables and 4-15 Ft cables $1200  plus shipping.  (retail cost is over $1800)








All reasonable offers will be considered.
Items will ship via FEDEX 2 Day (I get a really great discount and will only charge actual shipping/insurance cost. No charge for packing materials)
Pls contact me via PM or email at tonyski@comcast.net

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