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Servo Dog Question-TrackSkull


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I just hooked up my servo dog and I can control all my Servos in the servo Dog utility and even on the Hardware utility but in my sequences I cannot get the servos to respond? I'm actually using TrackSkull from Monkey basic to create my movements and then importing into LOR,


I can get all functions in trackSkull, Servo Dog utility and the HU utility but once I import my sequence I cant get anything to play? Thoughts?


Perhaps I'm missing a setting or??????

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I've discovered that you have to be very consistent in your work flow with the servodog. 


For example, is your scale for the servos 1-255 or 0-100?  Are you exporting to LOR protocol or DMX?  


That is where I've had my issues...I use LOR protocol, scale my servos from 0-100% and export those percentages into an LMS file that I can then copy and paste into my song sequence...


fyi, whatever your center scale values are for the servos, you'll want that value written across the whole song so that the servos go to center position anytime there is no animation going to the servos....


I'd be happy to chat more with you if you still have questions...

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Hi Randy, I'm very new to the Servo Dog, as I mentioned i'm using TrackSkull to animate my character, do you have any knowledge of that software and the export to LOR? I'm exporting in the LOR protocol

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Yes, Trackskull is what I use as well...


So to help me understand your setup, could you please post a screen shot of your Trackskull config screen that shows your scaling values?



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Thanks for your help Randy, I figured out the problem, I had my network at 500k, once I changed it to 115.4k it worked, I guess servo dog cant run in 500k in SE?

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