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i picked this up a few years ago never used it. i use to work at lowes and got it dirt cheap

Manor house

model LV11067

input 120VAC/60Hz/4.2a

output 12VDC/500W

i am getting the 10w 8 pack rgb floods summer sale


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Looks like a low voltage landscape lighting transformer and timer. From my experience they don't work with the timing as there was a delay from power on until the lights turn on. Also, the model I tried didn't respond to anything other than 100% on. I've done some research if I recall it has something to do with the extra circuitry vs the proper LED power supplies that just output constant voltage

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If it is DC and regulated it will work for the CMB24D. The answer above was for using it in an AC channel

Correct I tried it with AC But I do remember reading a warning post on the PC forums about and issue using it with DC Controller & lights... Something about the dimmer and light sensor. I will see if I can find the link. Wouldn't want to wreck any equipment. If it works let us know will be interested as I have a few of something similar laying around.

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