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Visualizer / Pixel question

David Spangler

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I've  used an Lor cosmic color pixel to create mini trees and last year I only lit them as one color and I'm trying to make the pixels light as they will go up and down the tree. I have the sequencing down ok but I can't get them to work in the visualizer. I can only get one of the trees to light no matter what I do. The visualizer keeps telling me to set the starting pixel to number 1 then the other string tells me to use the starting pixel to the number 2 or higher then the first string tell me to use the starting pixel to 3 or higher and so on and so on. I just can't get it to work.  Anybody have any ideas.

Thank you

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I figured it out. When I was setting up the ccb/device in the sequencer I didn't check off ccd with 2 strings. Oh well.

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