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Mega Tree & 32 Channels (Suggestions and Help Welcome)


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This will be my first year...and I feel like I might have bit off too much.  


Attached is my first display from last year.  After feeling good about last year I wanted to add a (mini) Mega Tree (10/12ft) and two LOR Controllers.  One for the Tree and a second for the rest of the yard.  My question is should I just do the the tree and plan for the rest of the yard next year or should I include everything?  I have the LOR Software and not sure where to start.  Any suggestions? I have downloaded some free sequences...but not sure how to pair them with my display.  I have been reading posts and watching videos.  Again just not sure if this is too much for year one, or if everything is possible. 


Thanks in advance!


For the Mega Tree I have 32 strands of lights. They are C5 LEDs with 50 lights per strand.  I am debating to do a full tree or half tree. The Mega Tree I plan on placing behind the Nativity scene.



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i would include everything, but be cautious as the season is rapidly approaching and you have to ensure you have time to sequence.


why not do a half tree, save the other channels for your yard, or do the half tree and do 8 vertical and 8 horizontal strings on the tree, make for some very cool effects.


i do a large 45' tree with 16 channels, its a half tree, one channel for my star and the tree is done up in five separate segments, and each segment has three different colored strings, hence the other 15 channels. crowds seem to love it.


start my drawing out your display, or use that photo and put it in both your sequencer animator and your visualizer, this should help with your decisions as you can see the effects as you sequence them. and over time you will know if you can be comfortable sequencing and getting everything ready for the show.


need help, just ask.

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your house looks perfect for LOR! You should go ahead and go all out, just make sure you start early and have lots of free time!

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You can see a video of what it looks like on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyFUfUNKPn4, video isn't that great and really doesn't show things well but you will get the idea.



@Premier Thanks for the idea...I never thought about doing the Mega Tree that way.  



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I do two megatrees, each with 32 strings of multis on them but 16 spiraled CW and 16 CCW. I'll put a youtube link here for one of the videos but don't pay attention to the pixel tree, rather the megatrees on the sides.

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