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How to convert RGB sequences to the regular seq so they will work with mini

Old Sarge

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OK I have searched and cant find it. maybe I am wording it wrong.


I have a shared seq that was sent to me..


I like it and would like to know if there is a way to convert it so it will work on my regular mini lights as i do not have RGB, CCr etc.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


I did find out to convert TO rgb but not how to convert back.

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Open the rgb channel (so you can see the 3 individual colors).  Copy the line with the color you want and paste it on your regular channel.  It won't work if you attempt all three of the channels at once.  You of course can copy any color rgb channel to any color regular channel.  If the color you are copying from is not full intensity you will get the same intensity (60 % , 79 % etc). on the paste to your regular channel.  If you try and copy more than one color from the rgb channel at once you will only end up copying the first of the multiple channels.

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Thanks Jerry.. I will try that... so if i understand you right.... copy paste one channel at a time... example if I want to use four channels out of 124 I copy and paste each one one at a time....


Thank you


I am back and this is a edit.. I tried to copy paste just one line like you recommended... It didnt work.. It pasted everything into one timing mark.. 

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"Pasted everything into one timing mark" sounds like you have your paste mode set to some value that's not appropriate for what you're trying to do.  Maybe try "Paste by Time".


Another way to do what I think you want to accomplish, though, which may be easier, and won't involve copying and pasting at all:


For each RGB channel, right-click on its channel button, and select "Degroup" from the popup menu.  This will get rid of the RGB channel itself, but leave the three underlying channels that it consists of.


You'll still unfortunately have to do this for each individual RGB channel, but I think it will still be significantly less work, for a few reasons:


(1) There are less RGB channels than channels;


(2) No copying/pasting;


(3) No need to recreate the channel settings (unit, circuit, etc.) - they'll just be kept exactly as they were when they were part of the RGB channels.

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Are there any shotcuts for separating out "white" from the rgb channels? If I have an element with red, green, blue and white light strings, degrouping will give me r-g-b, but no white. Any thoughts on how to separate without cutting pasting?


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