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2 New CCR Sequences


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Is it just me or is there an issue with the audio to The Grinch. The music plays fine but the singing is barely understandable.....the sequence as always is outstanding. Can you fix the audio...

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The audio is a bit lower compared to the other. I do however, just have to get the "Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" though as its one of the songs I do here!

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Dave, Bang up job on Grinch buddy!  Friggin awesome images. 


You're a true artist Sir!



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Thank you Chris :-)

The audio isn't coming out clear for some reason. I hear it fine on my PC, but not on my phone or tablet. I may need to upload the video again.

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You are welcome.

You sure do have Talent!!  Thank you for making these sequencies available to all of us.  You guys will put a lot of smiles on peoples faces this year.

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You two are killing it. My mind will  not be made up for the show this year till I see both of you tap out.  It just gets better and better with time. Great Job Team Holiday....



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We shall see my friends.  I am sure you two are holding back.. Robert did say he has plenty of new faces completed for the songs... Team Holiday Rocks.......

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looks like maybe there has been a tap out

holidaysequences.com - "File Not Found Error (404 Error) - If you think what you're looking for should be here, please contact the site owner."

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