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LOR RGB 50W Floods


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I have two of the LOR 50W floods and love them. I want to buy three or four more during the sale and see the UV version is only $20 more per unit. It makes me wonder if I need those or should I just stay with the regular ones. So here are my questions, I really don't do that much outside for Halloween so I am not sure what I would use the black light for with my Christmas display. What kind of things would you use these for in a Christmas display?

Second, are the UV units brighter than the regular units?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Wow, I read that three times and I guess my mind wanted to see RGB also. Fourth times a charm after your reply and I realize my mistake. I thought it was an added feature. My decision is made, I need the RGB function. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.


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