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Wave effect and color change


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Hi there


I am working with a chain of RGB LEDs controlled with DMX.  The LEDs are WS2801s which I plan to run in x2 universes with x2 Entecc DMX USB converters.  I currently have a total of 200 RGB pixels.


I have found the color transition effect which I have found to work well.  I want to simulate the flow of a fluid along a pipe.  The temperature of the fluid needs to change over time so I have used the color tranision effect to have it change from blue to red showing it getting hotter.  However I also need to have the LEDs flash in a line to simulate the flow of the fluid along the pipe.  The sort of effect you would get at an old fashioned cinema sign outside.  A line of LEDs all illuminated apart from groups of LEDs which go off which makes a sort of wave effect along the line of LEDs.  The LEDs which are off seem to flow along the line of LEDs.


Can any give any information on how to create this effect whilst at the same time having the "temperature" increase?  The LEDs need to flash to show a wave many times during the "temperature" increasing.



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