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Custom Color Palette Issue


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I'm having a hard time getting a custom color to display in a scene.  I create a yellow  Hue -  40, Sat - 240, Lum - 92, RED - 196, GREEN - 196, BLUE - 0 and I add it to the custom colors and then click OK to apply that color to my scene.  But the yellow that shows up in the START box is not the one I chose.  It's yellow is Hue - 47, Sat - 240, Lum - 85, RED - 149, GREEN - 180, BLUE - 0.  It does no good to click modify because that's not the color it should be.  It's repeatable and I've restarted my computer more than once hoping it would clear out something.  Is anybody else having trouble with applying custom colors?

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The above happens if you have the Color Mode set to "Full Range." If you set "Balanced" colors then the above will not happen. To set Balanced do the following:


1) click on the Tools menu and select "Configuration"

2) In the upper left of the Configuration dialog box set Color Mode to "Balanced"


In "Balanced" Color Mode the colors for Red, Green, and Blue all go from 0 to 100.


In "Full Range" Color Mode, Red has the range of 0-100, Green has the range of 0-120 and Blue has the range of 0-130. This is to match the strength of the RGB elements in a CCR. In a CCR the Green and Blue elements are stronger than the Red element so superstar gives them a larger range. It was hard to know what to do when using the standard Color dialog box, because if you set White I figured people would expect Red, Green, and Blue to be at maximum values. But it is unexpected to have the values change when you bring up the Color dialog box again so I will change it so the Color dialog box works the same in "Full Range" mode as it does in "Balanced" mode.

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It makes sense now and it does work for what I was trying to do.  Thank you for the explanation and support!

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