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Their site doesn't make it easy.  Where can I buy the LOR floodlights?


I agree with you completely that the on-line store is hard to find on the LOR website.  You can find the link at the very bottom of the Controllers and Extras menu items.  It SHOULD (IMHO) have a link on every page.  Of course from here in the forum, it's easy to find because there IS a link at the top of every page.  OK, I'll get off my soapbox now...


Bob told you where in the store to find it, and mikewlaymon gave you the direct link...

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You may be talking about this older model which is still on main site but not seen in store.



This store item is accessory for old style




If this is the one you are looking for.. I bought a set three years ago but no longer use them in my show.  I switched to the 10w.    

For sale if you are interested...


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Was looking for the 10w.  I did find them, but the store link should be right in your face.  Having a little trouble understanding why I can find links to the products with all kinds of info on it......except how/where to purchase it.  

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