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Darude- Sandstorm CCR Sequence


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Hey thanks Chris and Doug! Jeff M really really really wanted it haha :-D

Ok time to sequence two more songs by this weekend.

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OK Dave. Looks like I can't find one that you can't do. Team Holiday has pulled a great sequence out again and with the seizure star and the roof jumping it will be a great hit. Glad there was not a ice bucket tied to a bet... LOL Once again that some fine work Buddy.



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Always does great work, I have a challenging one I plan on signing up for custom work at the end of the year. I love Brian Setzer and no one has done any of his songs

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Awesome, very cool! I wish your sequences would work on a 16X50 180 degree pixel tree. I only have 3 CCR's so I use them for other effects. Maybe one day I'll get 13 more CCR's . LOL

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AL I use these sequences on my 16 x 50 all the time. When you have a 12 x 50,just copy the sequence effects, and paste it to the middle 12 on the 16 leg tree. You can also spend a bit of time and make those effects fit all 16 legs.

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