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RFE: Import Audacity label files into timing grids


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Would be so nice to be able to import an Audacity label file into the sequence editor as a timing grid.

Audacity files have a super simple format

<start time in seconds>\t<stop time in seconds>\t<label info>

Usually there is little to no useful information in label info. In polyphonic transcription it will contain a midi note value. Probably could just ignore this.

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Totally agree. John brings up a good point. At this time the LOR software does a great job at tapping out and finding beets. But there are many enhancements available when using Audacity and their plugins. We all spend a ton of time marking out timings in LOR, and it seems this could be an easy addition when creating a new sequence.

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I'm on board. I've used your Audacity video to make note onsets of my songs. It would be nice if they could integrated.

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I just watched the video, pausing from time to time to take notes.  I thought that I followed all of the instructions to the letter, but...when I tried to open my new sequence, I got an error message: "Unterminated end tag".  Can you tell me where I went wrong?

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