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Just left Christmas Expo 2015, mlooking for Halloween stuff


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First of all great conference! The last three days have been great, looking forward to the final two as well.

I am looking for some Halloween stuff for my daughters. I mentioned this to an attendee from Euless, TX and he mentioned there was someone out here who has "killer singing pumpkins". He said to check them out before buying anything. So I am trying but cannot find them. Does anybody know what he is referring to? I'l take help wherever I can get it.

Thank in advance for any insight.

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Holiday Coro is a great source for singing pumpkins and singing monsters. I've used both and like them a lot. If you get them, you may want to re-consider their recommendation for the frame. Using 2x4s is overkill. I used 2x2 and they worked fine.

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Coro faces are fine. Seems like more work imho. Plus storage seems a little harder. My tune to sign is tough to store and lug around. I can only imagine something bigger would be harder.

Personally I use Doug's wire frames. One set for Halloween. A different set for Christmas. Light, durable and easier to grab and move. I expect these frames to work in my kids display once I am long gone....50+ years from now. Emphasis on the +.

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