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Softball Shawn

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OK, forgive if this is a complete newbie question, but I am constructing a 12 CCR tree and am trying to learn the programming in SuperStar. I am very familiar with S3 but where I am struggling in SuperStar is that there does not seem to be any tools like S3 has. From what I am looking at in the tutorials is that each light/pixel needs to be individually programmed. For example, if I want to just bounce the ribbons from left to right, I would need to program each one to go after the next whereas in S3 I could just chase the sequence.

Just seems like the program would be much more user friendly, but then again I am reaching out to see if I am just not understanding in correctly. I try to research and watch as many tutorials as possible before posting, but I am at my end on this topic.

Are there any training possibilities to learn SuperStar? I know there was a bunch at the Expo, but no way I could fly out just to learn this AND keep my wife.

Thank you in advance.

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Here's a Power Point I have set up for a talk I'm doing in August, maybe. Anyway, there are pictures and Superstar files for each effect along with the visualizer file.  See if this helps and if you need further explanation, I'll be happy to help.



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Thanks Ron for offering the PowerPoint.


To do a chase on your tree you would use a morph. With one effect it will do a chase in any direction and any color. To view the tutorial go to the lightorama main page, click on "support" then click on "Video Tutorials". The superstar tutorials are at the bottom. The second superstar tutorial titled "superstar morphs" would cover morphs.


Also, there are some powerpoint presentations on my web site. Go to www.superstarlights.com and click on the left underneath the word "Other" click on "Powerpoint Downloads"

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Softball Shawn - I know how you feel. In the past I have used standard led's and dumb RGB's. This year I am adding a bunch of smart RGB's and I am in the same boat. I have been watching a ton of the videos and it just seems so overwhelming trying to get the lights to do what I see in my head. For the last four months I have been playing with the demo copy of SS so I went ahead and purchased a copy last week with my S4 Pro upgrade.

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