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viz not the same on two different computers


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I have upgraded to s4 pro, i'm running the latest 4.0.38 on two different computers. Computer #1 has win 7 operating system, Computer #2 has windows vista. When I open visualizer on vista it has in the lower left corner during simulation mode 3 buttons labeled; "stop sim,Play SE Stop SE" However on win 7 they are not there. Please note that I have unchecked the box for advanced rendering engine on both computers.

Looking at both visualisers on both computers side by side everything is exactly the same until you go into simulation mode. 

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On the Win7 computer are you seeing all of the simulation window?  In other words, could the bottom or left side of the window simply be off the screen?  Are you seeing the Frames per second display and clock at the bottom of the simulation window?

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Thanks Jim it seems that win 7 in simulation mode the window would drop below the taskbar. I moved the taskbar and viola there it is. Now part two of my issue.

On win 7 computer with  advanced rendering engine checked the photo of my house is there and the simulation plays flawlessly. On vista same scenario no photo, visualizer only plays at 6-7FPS very very laggy both systems have similar cpu's both duel core processors more the 1 ghz. each confused.


Thanks for any help!1

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