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Using an old trampoline frame for Mega Tree


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Over the past four years, I have used 1" PVC pipe for the base ring of my mega treeand I have always struggled with the lack of rigidity of the PVC. I have tried compensating by adding more and more stakes to secure it to the ground to the point where I was using a ridiculous amount of stakes. Well this year, as a result of a recent really bad storm that kicked up winds that took down a few thousand trees and fences in the county leaving most without power for 4-7 days, I became the proud owner of a used trampoline base. No, it didn't land in my yard but it was a neighbors that was launched from his back yard, over a 6' fence without hitting the fence and into his neighbors front yard. The damage to it meant it can't be used as a trampoline base anymore but with a few minor fixes it will make a good mega tree base.

NOW finally to my questions. Has anyone used a trampoline base for their mega tree? If so, have you experienced the gfi trip issues people have with using metal tomato cages for mini trees? And if so, how have you compensated for it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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A friend of mine has used a trampoline frame as a base for years. I don't recall him ever really complaining about GFI's tripping issues except when it was really raining hard.

BTW he's using lots of mini lights not Led's.

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