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so I had my shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago and the doctor said I can do a little computer work.  So I am using the time to work on my sequencing.  Since I am so far behind (more behind than usual) there is no way I can do a complete show with 176 channels.  so I am taking prior sequences from past years and making it.  alot of the programming is done except from my starter year, I have to tweak that.  I am not adding any props this year except making my 8 channel spiral tree to a 16. 


so I was wondering if anyone has any 16 channel spiral tree sequences they can share.  just to give me some new ideas that look cool.  I will only be doing spirals in one direction.   Maybe next year I'll do it the other way.


Please email them to me at pjfantetti@yahoo.com   any help is appreciated. 


thanks to posting of some veterans I learned today how to import a file into the visualizer so my spiral tree is pretty!

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I got some awesome ones from MR Earl Talley, he is here on the forums, search for him and his videos! I do not have access to any of my stuff having just moved and trying to get stuff put back together in my Garage, I am hopeing to get a display of some sort together for Halloween!

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