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Can't assign channels in the visualizer when strings span universes.   Using a E682. strings automatically span universes (can't do any other way).  setting up a 13 X 120 matrix (horizontal) pixels.  Once attempting to use simulation mode get numera\ous errors re: to many pixels on a string.

simple test   3 X 120 matrix (same errors just faster to test)

create matrix 3 X 120 dmx pixels horizontal controller bottom right.

Open wizard

String 1 Universe 1 starting pixel 1

String 2 Universe 1 starting pixel 121   (should assign pixel 121 - 170  on universe 1 and 1 - 70 on universe 2

String 3 Universe 2 starting pixel 71   ( should be pixel 71 to 170 on universe 2 and 1 to 20 on universe 3


switching to simulation mode results in error "more than 170 pixels in universe 1 (240 pixels)  same issue on universe 2


How do you handle crossing universes in the visualizer?

version 4.0.38 Pro

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There is no such thing as Pixel Packing in the Visualizer.  You should get used to using 1 fixture per whatever with a max of 170 pixels per universe.


If you are forced to pixel pack by your hardware, then you need to draw the matrix by hand in the Visualizer, remembering the rules:


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