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I am mentioning this more so someone else is not paniced.


Yesterday when S4 and the Pro license level became official, I upgraded my show computer to S4.00.38 (from beta version 4.00.36) and upped my license level from Advanced to Pro.  Re-entered my license information and SE properly showed that I had a Pro license level with 40 CCR Superstar license..  While I was doing some stuff, the show computer was rebooted several times, and two "Show on Demand" shows were run correctly.  After all that, the computer was rebooted again and allowed to run my normal year round landscape lighting show last night followed by the overnight landscape lighting show starting late last evening.  When I left for work at 0515 this morning, the overnight show was running properly.  All seemed right with the world.


A few minutes ago I wanted to double check a couple things on my July 4th show which starts this evening.  I started the show editor and was quite surprised that it came up with a warning that I was in demo mode.  I exited the show editor and unloaded LOR from the control panel and started SE.  It also gave me the "You are in demo mode" box with the option to register the software.  Clicked the link to register and my license key was still there so I just clicked the box and the registration was complete.


I assume that what happened was that when the beta pro level license expired today, the software did not realize that I already had it registered.  Not really an issue UNLESS someone is running a year round show or maybe is starting a July 4th show today (or in the next couple nights).  Make sure your software knows you are licensed.


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Correct.  If you are bitten by the 'Demo Mode' thing, close everything down (including control panel).  Start Sequence Editor.  Register.  


That will fix it up - unless your license is actually NOT good for S4.  Then you should go buy a renewal or upgrade.

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