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I have been an LOR user for 8 years now, and am fairly proficient with the standard Sequence Editor.  My display has been successful, and everyone seems to enjoy it. However, this year I have decided to step into a limited amount of Pixels.  Now for my question, does LOR have an product native to their suite that will allow me to create a  basic matrix of 340 pixels, or do I need to use a 3rd party app?


I know that is probably a loaded question, and people will have their favorite 3rd party apps to use, but I want to stay with LOR if at all possible. Or is it possible to export what is done in the 3rd part apps into an LOR sequence?  I understand how to assembly the hardware, and what I need in regard to power, etc... 

If anyone has any information, or can point me in the correct direction on where to start with software, it would be appreciated.




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SuperStar will do that.  So will the new Pixel Editor introduced in S4 (not that I have it figured out yet).

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