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Anyone have any animated American flag sequences they're willing to share?


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I will be incorporating this in my fourth of july display this weekend and was wondering if you guys had any sequences for this piece you'd be willing to share? Thanks for the help in advance.

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would be working on more Seq for flags but I do not have a Visualizer file for one.. I did do a couple generic ones for someone a couple weeks ago but could not really get a good idea of how it looked as I do not have the lee file.


If you send me the .lee for the flag I will work on a few for you and run my super star sequencer and see what it works up for you.. I have a few songs I can use or you can include that and I will go by what music/ sounds you want on it. also I would like to know how many channels you use as I am normally using 80 but 32 of them are singing faces/trees.. 


there are a couple patriotic songs here that you can check out that I did last year.. my first year... but no flag on them







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I just got the flag.. lee file... I dont know how many channels your are using as you didnt give any info.... put some more info here and maybe some of us can help you out..

Its not that we dint want to just there is nothing to go by such as your channel count for your flag etc. or what music you are planning on using for your display..


the flag I have are channel 1,3,5,7,9 channels for red stripes 2,4,6,8,10, 12 for white stripes, channel 14 is for the blue background, channel 15 is for the white stars... I think that is the way HC has their flag set up.


channel 16 on my set up will be a spot light focused on my Real USA flag on my flag pole,


I also plan on having all my service flags on poles, Army, Navy, AF, Marine, Coast Guard and one most people forget about the Merchant Marines which someone reminded me about a while back..


I also will be running a couple fires sticks... red white and blue ( actually they are my fires sticks that I also use for my Christmas display)..... with star burst at the top.


Part of mine will also be Red, White and Blue rope lights which go all around my patio and Pool area (along the eves of my house for Christmas)


I dont know how it will work out but the last videos I tried to make at night of my real displays were almost impossible to see... I may try to see what I can do on making a video of my vis file running a song..

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Thanks so much for the help. My flag is setup with 1,3,5,7,9,11,13 channels for red stripes 2,4,6,8,10, 12 for white stripes, channel 14 is for the blue background, channel 15 is for the white stars. For other channels, I'm going to be running 24 total. In addition to the flag, I'll have three pillars with a separate channel each for red, white, and blue lights. The songs I were looking at doing were stars and stripes forever, ray charles america, and born in the usa. And your display sound like it will turn out great. thanks again. 

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ok. I am working on some now just havent got them ready to send out yet... I did a quick one on Super Star Sequencer but it is just the flag..


I dont know why but after I open the big flag in it for the sequencer I cannot add anything else such as fire sticks or anything... I seem the flag takes up the who think.. and i dont know what to do about it to change it..


I just Thought of something.... 

Maybe if I add the smaller props first and then bring in the flag last just maybe it will let me add it that way..


I will play with it probably tomorrow to see if that works..


I am a newbie with LOR but I try..

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