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Animation sequence in Musical section of Show editor


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Maybe I'm just full of it, but one of those truths that I thought I knew was either proved wrong last night, or there is a bug in S4.  Here is what I knew:


Sequences in the Animation tab will play either consecutively or all at the same time, and when the show ends, they end - without waiting for the end of the animation.  Only animation sequences can go into the Animation tab.


Musical sequences in the Musical tab will play one after another (with some options), however when the show ends, the sequence will continue until the end of that sequence.


What I thought I knew (likely had read here somewhere):


Animation sequences can be put into the Musical tab and will behave just like a musical sequence - play one at a time and will play to the end of the sequence at the scheduled end of the show.


I found last night that the last part of that statement does not seem to work that way - at least on S4.00.34.  When the show end time came, the animation sequence in the Musical tab immediately ended.  I had never tried it before, but I seem to remember reading from several sources over the past few years that it worked as I said in the paragraph above.


So am I full of it, or did I discover a bug?

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How it's always been - If an animation sequence in the musical tab is playing at the moment your show is scheduled to end, the animation sequence will end.


Musical sequences will finish at the end of a show and then move to shutdown tab. Animation sequence will stop right at the ending time, regardless of where it's at in the sequence.

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Thanks Don. I don't know where or from whom I heard it different. Guess I go back to using a silent musical like I have for several years.

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