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Import Visualizer 9 X 18 Matrix sign


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Having a lot of issues importing a 9 high by 18 wide matrix into SuperStar for sequencing.  This is a horizontal sign. I am getting a LOT of wrong setups.  I have attempted using a visualizer setup as top right and bottom left (zig zag design with one single string of RGB pixels). Visualizer screen looks correct.

It seems when I use the wrap around I get a double image on the super star screen.  Somehow I got one to work and exported some text to the sequencer, but the text appears upside down on the sequence screen.

now can't even duplicate that.


What are the correct selections in the import visualizer dialog?   9 wide 18 high (I'll restring to fit whatever makes superstar work properly and show the text on the sequencer screen as right side up).


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Doing a zig zag design should work. As you say, wrap around will result in a "double image." Wrap around is useful if you want effects to wrap from the end to the beginning which is what you would want to happen with a 360 degree tree.


But since your display is not a 360 degree tree, use "normal" instead of "wrap around."


As for the appearance of the text in the visualizer; the sequence will always be exported with the controllers in order of lowest unit ID at the top, and highest unit ID at the bottom. Usually this will not correlate to how you have your pixel strings laid out on your actual display. So the bottom line is that you should ignore how it looks in the visualizer, it should play to your actual lights just fine.


One way to test the export is to play the sequence from the sequence editor to the visualizer using your visualization. If this works, and your visualization matches your actual lights, then it will also play properly to your actual lights.

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