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Horozontal to Vertical


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I'm trying to isolate an image from my SS file that has a flag in it. I copied image to clipboard, started a new sequence and the Flag is horizontal which is what I want (just like the original sequence),


After I export to LOR the flag comes out vertical??'



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I assume you mean that the flag becomes vertical when viewed on Visualizer?  Is the Visualizer and Superstar using the same visualization file?

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Are your CCRs or Pixel strings running horizontal or vertical? In other words are they a banner or a tree?

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I have attached a couple small thumbnails, 1 from syperstar and 1 form sequence editor


In Superstar the flag is set up in Horizontal mode (Pic #2) after I Export to Sequence Editor the flag becomes Vertical (Pic #1) this is in the sequences itself not the visualizer


The pixels are a banner



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I made a flag image and exported and got the following results:


1) If the flag is not moving then the exported image is black (nothing). To see anything you need to expand the pixels, and then you see a block of color


2) If the flag is moving right to left, then you get what appears to be a vertical flag like in the image you attached.


3) If the flag is moving left to right, then you get  what appears to be a backwards vertical flag.


Realize that when a ccr is collapsed, the sequence editor only shows the first pixel of the ccr. The reason you see anything at all is because the flag is moving, so the image gets moved through the top pixel and so you end up seeing what appears to be an image. It would be difficult to explain in words exactly how and why you see what you do, but the bottom line is that when played to your actual lights, it will look the same as it did in superstar. What you see in the sequence editor is an artifact and is not representative of what you will see on the actual CCRs.

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