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Snoopy's Christmas Snoopy VS. Red Baron 12 or 16 Ribbon CCR


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Snoopy is in the sky again, in his annual fight against the dreaded Red Baron during Christmas! Outstanding sequence from Dave and Robert and absolutely going into my show this year!

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Incredible as usual Dave!!  I love the Bi-Plane!


I'm not sure how you always swing and hit it out of the park. I do know however that you inspire me to keep trying to better myself and my sequencing.




lol..opps.. you too Robert  ;)

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Wow Dave.  Totally awesome!!.  I was never a fan of this song, but now seeing what Dave has done with sequencing it.. Need to add this to my show!.

You are a very talented sequencer.  One of the best!!  Totally impressed as usual.  So glad to have someone like you out there with your talent and providing your

sequences to us at a reasonable price.  Hats off to you Dave. :)

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