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Looking for New 16\32Ch Halloween seq. ****TRADE***


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Hello all. I am looking to add some new songs to my show. I would like to have 2 separate shows to run back to back this year. I have 23 that I would be more than happy to trade. All include Music as I had to custom edit all of it. Plz hit me up. Thankx


My List

Custom Opening: Silent Hill Siren-#of Beast Speach-NiN7 Remix-Spooky "Laugh and Welcome")

Ezekiel 25-17(Pulp Fiction) Delayed-slowed down- VERY cool

Twilight Zone

Disney(Nitemare & Haunted Mansion)

Adams Family

Custom Halloween Medley#1 ( Tocata- Friday 13th-Jaws and few other bits)

Rob Zombie-More Human

Errie Sound Bumper

Walking Dead Theme- 1st season Version

Ghosts N More- Deadmua5

The Wall- Bumper

Custom Halloween Med #2 ( Electrical-Nightmare on Elm-Few other bits)

Mansion in the Myst

Munsters Theme

Demmon Bumper

Halloween Theme

Rob Zombie- 1000 Corps


Stalking- Halloween Movie

Phantom of Opera


Custom Ending: Halloween 3 Silver Shamrock-Thriller outakes, VP talking- Custom Slow VP Laugh)

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I have ghostrider by the outlaws would like rob zomby James Morris. hotrod54ford@yahoo.com

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