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I need some ideas for channel set up on my new house


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I just moved into a new house on the Oregon coast and have a much larger house to set up.  I wanted some input on channel set up on my house.  I have attached a picture of the house.  I am going to use 48 channels on the house split into 2 groups of 24. 24 for the white lights and 24 for the blue lights. Everything on the house will be double strung in blue and white. I just don't know where to start. My old house was single story with 6 windows across the front and this house is much larger. Any help is appreciated. I am going to use another 48 channels in the front yard but that part is much easier to see in my head for some reason. 




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The upstairs 2 windows over the 3 windows ( where the skeleton is) looks like it's prime for a face or a talking house.

You may need to shift your focus to Halloween.

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Maybe concentrate on the first floor this year and see how it goes.

Doing 2nd floors do prsent their own challenges, with safety number one in my mind.

25 years ago, did a lot of 2nd story decorating and then got out of do much lighting for a number of years.  Got back into it last year with LOR and have decided to do very little on my 2nd story. In pushing 60 years of age, have no desire to be high up, anymore that I need to...just asking for trouble.


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Where abouts on the coast? we are in florence,

What an awesome looking house, so many possibilities.


24 per white, and 24 for blue, should be easy enough. 1st do the outline of the house, then the outline of the windows, eaves and door. then when the house is all done what ever channels are left over I would do down the front steps.


you also have a lot of vertical lines on your house, that would be awesome for lights as well. Boy I wish I had your house to decorate.


I would also be thinking some RGB Floods, great for halloween and xmas


wow again, you are very lucky

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you have many possibilities... all the vertical lines, horizontal lines, window frames.... only thing we can really tell you is to just do what you feel like doing on it.


For everything someone suggests because they like it you will find someone else who has a different opinion because everyone thinks different.


you may want to narrow down even a little more and look at groups of four.... four top left. top right bottom left bottom right, four window frames, tops or bottom... four is a good way because most song beats are set to four.. also you can keep in mind that 24 divided by 4 is 6 that would give you 3 groups of 4 on each half if you divide the house down a center line etc.


I would make a few copies of the pic. maybe just a simple outline of your house and play with it and experiment with visualizer and find what you like. 


I would do as you already have and limit myself by saying Only 48  channels for this and 48 for that but inter connect them... things doesn't have to be equally divided as to the house and the yard..  one example... picture if you will  string of lights going threw your yard and right on up your house from ground to top... example 12 strings,,, sequencing running from left to right or right to left etc. like playing the keys on a piano... just a example... you have to do what you like and what you think .... as I said for something someone says there will be others who will say something different...


Thats a great thing about using the Visualizer... you don't have to set it up the way you put your viz file but it does give you different ideas as to how something my look... and you can make a lot of them to play with ..

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Without seeing your actual lot size, go across the street and see where you eyes go to. My guess is it ends up being the second floor as much of the first is masked by bushes and other shrubbery.


Where do want people's eyes drawn to? I'm guessing your actual lot size is 1.5 - 2 times the width of you house which should give you plenty of space on the yard for a mega tree or couple of spiral trees. I would keep the focus down low, especially for your own safety.


Ditto what Sarge said about Visualizer. Here it will be your best friend. Be sure to take several panoramic shots of your house at night. The shadows and street lights may give you ideas of where you want certain elements to be so they pop.


Other than that I will say your house appears to have a great deal of character to it and looks wonderful! May you and your family enjoy it for many years to come!

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well for starters amazing home!!! 

id definitely take advantage of the 4 dominant post on the porch for light poles (fire sticks) 

also the big 3 set windows you can do individual windows or bank each set of 3 together upper and lower

love the A frame up high but will be risky for setup! (even the geometric shapes cut into the face of the A looks awesome!)

outline the upper level gutter

and then you have each little window and the front door etc...


but as others have stated the use of RGB flood lights maybe your better option?? snag up some of the 50w or the 8 pcks when the sale starts (anytime now) 

possibilities are endless really just depends on your willingness to get up there on top!

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Way up there, there are a lot of folks around the Portland area which is closer to you that you can seek help from, but your always welcome to email me or drive down to Florence and I would be glad to help you out with as much as can. Good luck and I hope to see video of what you came up with.

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