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The Christmas Can Can 16 Ribbon or 12 Ribbon CCR Tree


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I am always amazed at the quality of your work!

You inspire me to be better at sequencing every time I see your work..

What a fun and crazy sequence! Fun, imaginative and well executed!



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Dang it Dave.. My sequence list keeps getting longer and longer and its your fault.. Haha.. Great Job on this one buddy.



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Closing up shop here for a week and heading to the Tennessee Mountains for some R/R... LOL

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I have to say it again....you and Robert are truly, "Artists in Lights". What you both create is amazing, fun and a surprise to all that see it in our shows. Credit should be given where credit is due and in your both's case, most certainly credit earned!!!

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Seriously  Dave?  Dancing Elf's and Santa's... Way cool Dave!!  Totally!!!  Love it.  Laugh ever time I see the Santa's dance across.. Such a talented man!!  Keep up the awesome work!!  Thanks to Brian from SuperStar for creating this program for us.  Gives Dave the opportunity to show and share his talent with us. 

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Ok so I am ONLY going into my second year... of doing lighting, MAN this is awesome I have a far way to go.


This is simply stunning... This year I plan on getting into RBG... but I am not sure i could do this.

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Hi Septon. Thank you for the compliment. It does take a bit of time to learn SuperStar. But once you understand it, it's great to create awesome effects. It's certainly worth purchasing and learning. Brian offers great support for his software :-)

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You guys either have a lot of time on your hands or dream of Superstar in your sleep. All kidding aside, Great work, I really like it.

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This one is in my show and ready to run for the holidays! I couldn't be happier with dave's, robert's work and the new guy too whom I can't remember his name yet.

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