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How does the community mount their lights? Looking for ideas


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I'm converting this year from a traditional C9 display, to one with all CCB's.  I have always had my bulbs mounted to painted wooden strips that attach to the house with small hooks.  I live in Colorado and the less time I spend on the roof in winter the better! I have a chance to re-mount the CCB's to my same wooden boards (works well, but is a little bulky to install), or try something new.  I'm wondering what the community does, and if someone has found a better way of doing things.  Maybe there is a clever system that the community has come across. My criteria is:

1) Must be easy to install.  Quick up & down

2) I live in a covenant controlled community, so it must be discrete - especially when down

3) Must be easy to store.  I have rafters in the garage to put things in the summer

4) Must be easy on the CCB's, so as not to twist the wire or break the bulbs over time

5) Can not destroy the trim on the house (like stapling over & over each year)


I have searched the net and seen a number of techniques, but I'm wondering what people with LOR devices do.  Also I'm wondering: How people attach the LOR CCB's, since they have the flat ribbon cable.  I used staples designed for wire for my old bulbs, but those are not wide enough for the CCB's ribbon cable.





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JD, I am sorry that you have no responses to your question.  Unfortunately, I do not have CCB and cannot answer your question.  If you restart this question under the topic CCB's, just a couple of places below this one, you may get the response you are looking for.  Good luck and it is good to know that there is someone else in Colorado.  Maybe I can swing up that way to see your display.

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Hi JD,

I'm just getting into the CCRs this year.  I plan to mount them on my roof.  Found an interesting way on YouTube to do so in a quick and easy way.  First you ziptie the ribbon to a plastic pipe and then with a slightly larger pipe create brackets.  The brackets fasten to your roof, fascia...and then the pipe with the ribbon simply snaps into the brackets.  And snaps out for removal.  Depending on your situation they can be either bought or painted a color to match your roof, fascia, etc and then they could be left up all year.  Here's the video that tells how to do it...

 If you can affix your bulbs to something like this it may work for you.  I have also seen a video where an electric glue gun was used to fasten bulb fixtures to brick which holds them very well and relatively easy to remove.  Not sure where you've searched on the internet but try YouTube if you haven't.  Hope that helps some. Edited by tomsusie
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