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SS use with Sans Device e682


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Couple of quick questions:


Is it possible to use the superstar sequencer to create sequences that can be used with 16 channels on a Sans Device e682?


With the superstar, is it possible to program say 8 channels, copy those channels to a sequence, create 8 more and copy to the same sequence?


I am just getting started and learning the S3, so I am also interested in the superstar sequencer if it streamlines the process.




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Yes to the Sans Device question....My  (2) 15 Channel  Ribbon Trees are run by Sans Device E682's and I program it all in Superstar.

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Superstar actually does not care what you control yer lights with. Once you make your sequence in SS, you export it to the LOR sequencer. Once in Sequencer then you have to set up the E682 to run E1.31 from there.

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You can make a visualization of your lights in the Visualizer. In the Visualizer you can define the lights as DMX. Then you can import the visualization into superstar by clicking on the File menu and selecting "Import Visualization".


After creating a sequence you can click on the File menu and select "Export to Sequence Editor" and the sequence will have the DMX addressing that you specified in the visualization.


As for your question about exporting 8 channels at a time, you can do that and use copy/paste to get them into your main sequence. But it would be easier to have a visualization of your whole sequence and export it once.

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