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I purchased several sequences from holiday cora. fine sequences wich I am glad to have got . but two of them have unnamed timing grids. how do I replicate these timing grids so I can copy and paste into my own sequences.


the one and only kingfish

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Hit the "Timing" button to name it...


Then you can open another sequence (so you have two open)


Go back to Original Sequence...Right click anywhere in Sequence and select "Select Row"


Right click again and select "Copy Timing"


Go to 2nd sequence, and right click "Paste Timing At", when window pops up insert "0" (if you want it to start at beginning) and hit "OK"

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thanx that worked o for a follow up

if I wanted to copy onto what I have now with other sequences with named timing grids can I just change the timing or do I have to select the rows I want and change only those timings. if so how do I do this

thanx for all and any help

larry thanx again

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I'm not quite clear on what your trying to do, but here's a few tid bits to help.

You can have many timing tracks in your sequence, they don't need names. The reason you name them is so that you can know what they are for. ie 1 track for beat, 1 track for melody 1 track for a section where there's something special. At least this is how I use them. If I had all those timings on 1 track it would get confusing.


The timing marks are for all the rows on the track, you can't have timing marks on only a few rows & then different timing marks on other rows in the same track.


Hope this helps.

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