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i have a sequence i'm editing from last year.  i'm using s3 with a 0.04 timing grid.  i imported my visualization, audio and i imported timings from this s3 file.  i made my ss sequence, then exported it to sequence editor.  i opened the file and noticed it had a 0.05 timing grid instead of the 0.04 i imported.  what's going on?  i looked around ss, and i don't see anywhere to edit the timing grid.  am i doing something wrong?  also, despite the timing grid, i went ahead and did a copy/paste from the export to my sequence and it was over 30 sec short of the ending.  i'm using the same audio file for everything.


i just figured out my paste issue, i had paste by cell checked and not paste by time.  but i still want to know if there's a solution to why the timing is not the same in ss export as the timing i imported from the s3 sequence. 

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When you import of timings into superstar it will put timing marks directly underneath the time ruler in superstar. However, it has no effect on the timing grid of the exported file. The exported file will always have 0.05 timing grid.


To change the timing grid of the exported file you would have to change it in the sequence editor after export.

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