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Warehouse Cleanout


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We're cleaning out the warehouse and offering a great deal in the process.


The following is for sale in a single lot. 


6 - CCR's

1 - CTB16PC-RTG (G3)

1 - 1602wG3

3 - CCB's. (Each has 1 controller, two strings)

5 - 10w flood heads

1 - 8 Ribbon Dumb RGB Pack (Ribbons + CMB24D)

2 - 200watt Power Supplies

2 - Input PUP's

3 - Mini Directors (G2 - Not the new G3 versions)

7 - USB485B's


Retail price is roughly 4475.00.

The entire lot is being listed for $2685. (40% off.)


For an extra $1000 you get:

8 Used 1602w (G2)

1 Like new 1602wG3


Buyer pays all shipping, or arranges pickup in Dallas/Fort Worth.


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Anyone but the lot?



The lot is still available, yes.


To those who have asked, I have no plans to break it into smaller lots.

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