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I created what I wanted in visualizer on blank background .. how do I get it to attach to my sequences.

any help would be appreciated


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If you are asking how to use that visualization to input your layout in SuperStar, then when you create a new song in SuperStar you use Visualization mode for your layout and specify that visualization.


If you are asking how you play a sequence with Sequence Editor and display it on Visualizer, they are not actually linked.  You start Visualizer and open that visualization.  Then put visualizer into Simulation mode (the leftmost icon on the lower row at the top of the screen that looks like a play button).  Then in Sequence Editor, check the box for Control Visualizer on the play menu and start playing the sequence.


BTW, you can open any visualization with any sequence and it will display the pieces that match.  For example I have a visualization that only has my pixel tree and pixel star, and I have a separate visualization that has everything except the pixel tree and star.  This was done because of the fixture count limit in S3.


These are the fairly stripped down directions and apply to S3.  There are some changes in S4, but your thing says you are using 3.12.2.

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