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lor gamma light bulb just goes away in task box and system crashes. help!

Ralph D

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OK over the past week Ive been having one hell of a problem so Ive tried to fix it on my own and thought gamma .8 would do the trick well it hasn't. what is happening is the lor 2 light bulb just disappears on me when ever it wants. I checked to see if windows is blocking it and it doesn't look like it to me. and now i have my show problem. it just randomly stops when ever it wants i thought it might be because of the song file but this is strange and making me crazy. the first two times i dealt with now tonight it happened 2 times as well. I cant stop the show becaues the lor bulb is gone and the show is running. I cant get to the sequence editor, and the hardware utility. when i do press on the controller icon the hour glass comes up and then just goes away, but i guess it because the show is running right.

can anyone give me some ideas.

here is the pc specs could this have something to do with it.

Compaq Presario, desk top pc

Microsoft windows xp, home edition version 2002 service pack 2, celeron cpu 2.70hz/ 2.70ghz, 1.24 gb ram.

god it crashed again just now, what is going on. help. and no id really wouldn't like to go back to lor 1, id like to fix this all my work is in 2 and not in lor 1. so id have to do shows with 64 channels instead of 136. not an option for me.


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Only time I got bad crashes was when my USB adapter would get pulled out while playing or sequencing. It was very bad. Perhaps you have a bad connector that is doing the same thing.

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ok update and anyones input helps.

after pc loads, the lor 2 light bulb might be there. if it is im good, if not im in trouble. now if its not this is what happens, sometimes during a show its crashes, for ex, last night it crashed 3 different times on me.

now the light bulb is gone so i cant shut down lor 2, now if i just restart the pc, the light bulb is still not seen, and the show starts over again and will crash again because its during the scheduled show time.

its gets worse. i restarted the pc when the show was done last night, I deleted as much stuff on the pc as i could thinking other programs might have something to do with it. so i restart me pc the light bulb comes up and im thinking i did it, but! now if i try to edit and sequence and or watch and play anything, the edit screen just stutters at me and you can here the music in chirps, and all you see on the screen is Blerrrie. (opps sorry)

so im trying my best to explain, but very nerves about tonight's show if it will even play.

can anyone give me input......... and i dont need you should have stayed with lor 1. that does not help me at this point not an option.

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I had the same thing happen tpo me when upgrading to the new LOR II for ver I

I tied all kinds of fixs I got off the board but what fixed it for me was I backed up my sequnces and audio files first to a seperate place

Then i Un-Installed LOR all togther got rid of all of it.

Then used the LOR registry tool to delet all LOR out of my registry.

then reinstalled it all fresh and moved my sequnces and audio file back in to the correct place and all has been fine since.

I have done this on 1 other LOR user computer and it work on his also


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