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10' Spiral Tree - LED or RGB


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So I already have 

8 X red 100 light LED string (33ft)

8 X green 100 light LED string (33ft)

8 X blue 100 light LED string (33ft)

8 X white 100 light LED string (33ft)

2 X 16 channel controllers


Also have 20+ dumb RGB 50 node strings

(also have power supply's and controllers)


I would like to build a 10' spiral tree with at least 4 colors after using the calculator I could create super strings with the LED's and run 2 colors one way and 2 colors the other way or I could use the dumb RGB nodes and only have to run 16 strings.


I have looked around and cannot find any information on dumb RGB spiral trees (most are using smart pixels but I have the dumb already)


Tree I want to build

  Enter Your Values /Below Height 10 Feet Base Diameter 5 Feet Revolutions 1.55 Turns Total Channels 16   Strings per Channel 1   Viewing Rotation 180   Direction -1 RHT spin   1 LFT spin 1   String Length 15.95144 Feet


So my questions are:

1) LED or RGB for spirals

2) If RGB would 16 X 60 nodes look good (approx 60 per 15ft on mine)

3)If LED would 8 channels per color look good


Thank you for any help


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