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Pixels Flickering.....?


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I have the P12S/P12x Card and am using it to make a pixel matrix, I have everything hooked up and all the lights work from my sequencer (LOR) but I see some flickering in the pixels, I don't know if it is a power issue or a Speed issue on the card.

Here is my setup:
Using E1.31
12 String 50 pixel Horizontal Matrix 5V
Each String is on its own universe and output
1-5v 200w power supply supplying both sides of the board
Under string config on the set up page the speed is set to 3500. I have no idea why its set to 3500 or if that is even correct?

Any Idea why the flickering? I don't know if its a power issue or card issue or....?

Can someone explain what the speed has to do with the card? I really don't understand that

Thanks in Advance

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I did some research and I lowered the speed from 3500 to 2400 on the card and the flickering stopped



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I never did get mine to stop last year. I had mine all the way down to 2000. I plan on going lower this coming year. Andy Harrison said he ran his in the 300 range last year. I may have to go even lower.

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