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looking for downloadable singing face template

Old Sarge

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Does anyone know where I can possibly download templates for singing faces such as singing trees or monsters etc. that has the outlines marked for mouth light placement.


I know I can free hand them but it would be so much easier and faster if someone has them on file already as a sharing download or mouth outlines for singing pumpkins etc. with light placement to help figure out how many lights to use on it. 


I am planning on making my own singing monster faces and singing trees this year using 48x48 inch coro plastic which I can get at home depot for a real reasonable price per full 4'X8' sheet and cut in half.


I have seen some pics of faces of  holiday coro  but I cannot find any that are in printable condition  to use as a template.


Thanks in advance for any help



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If you are doing your own...   you have a chance to consider the mouth shapes and how many channels to use.   Most are 5 channels with 7 mouth shapes ( I think).     There are some distorted ones out there too which result in some less than easy to recognize speech.    

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right on Bob.... I have seen some that looked pretty bad... And thanks Jim... thats a big help... Gives me something to go on as I start making my faces.. Plan on 4 for Halloween monster and or pumpkin and four trees for Christmas. 


Just ordered a pack of coro plastic from home depot. 10 full size 48" X 96" sheets for $110.00. Its more then I need but I will maybe think of some cut outs etc. to use the left over for... That is after I redo the face that I mess up.... better to have a little extra then not enough.


I am planning on 5 channel mouths and one or two for the eyes. haven't decided that part yet but will probably end up with 8 channels per face.

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I can't get the hang of your software. I am not too good on computers.  When there is another get together in St. Louis, I will be there and hopefully I can learn more, As I am retiring this Nov. I will be able to devote more time for this hobby. Hope you will be there. Maybe, I'll run into Max Paul too.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I found some good ones.... Thanks bob....


I am getting papagayo down fairly well.... I break the songs down into 2 to 4 parts depending on the song and do it in sections.... Thanks Bob for the help with learning how to do it.. mine are 8 channel faces with 5 channels for the mouth shapes..

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