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16 CCR versions of sequences to be included with the 12 CCR version


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For 2015 when you buy a 12 CCR sequence, you will also get a 16 CCR version of the sequence at no extra charge. Currently I have 5 of the sequences updated to include a 16 CCR version. The 5 sequences are:


God Bless the USA

Christmas Eve Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells)

Wizards in Winter

Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen

Reflections of Earth


God Bless the USA includes 6 versions of the sequence, the versions are:

  12 CCR vertical

  13 CCR vertical

  16 CCR vertical

  12 CCR horizontal

  13 CCR horizontal

  16 CCR horizontal


The horizontal and vertical versions have the flag with the blue field oriented properly. Plus the orientation of some of the text is changed. There is a 13 CCR version because I figure there would be people with 13 CCR displays for the 4th of July because you can then have a USA flag with the right number of stripes.


Also, if you have purchased the 12 CCR sequences in the past, and want to get the new installer that includes the 16 CCR version, email  brian@superstarlights.com  and I will send you a link and activation code at no charge.



The plan is to get a 16 CCR version of all of my 12 CCR sequences by October. I can't guarantee I will have all of them, but I should have most of them by then.

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