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George Simmons

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Converting free or paid sequences to fit YOUR display can be a frustrating adventure.

Learn the tips, the shortcuts, and what to look for when downloading and working with sequences obtained from others. You can easily master the things you need to know and save yourself hours and hours of aggravation.

Seats remain for this Sunday's group session.

PM me for details or visit: http://www.clearwaterlights.org/Sequence_U_details.html


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I'm personally booked up this night and can't attend, but replying to bump it up to top.

If you have any questions on this topic, you will not be sad you spent the low, low fee.

I've attended multiple classes George has put on and you will learn....

Also, he doesn't say it in his advertising, but he usually hangs around after the 2 hour sessions and answers questions - even off topic. Good stuff and good classes.. (He's just ate up with the CLAP and will talk until he figures out that he's the only one left in the class... Well, he's probably still talking even then, but it's like the tree falling in the empty forest...)

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