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Silent Night by The Temptations for Singing faces

Old Sarge

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Looking for Talking Face seq for Silent Night by The Temptations.. 


I would love to find it of even if it is just part of it.


I am just getting into Singing faces (4) for Halloween and singing trees for Christmas this year and my mother asked for Silent Night by the Temptations if possible for her church group this year. 


I am a newbie but what I have I share from Last Year at 





please feel free to check them out and use what you want to from them..Thanks in advance



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it is kinda hard to see.


I should have made the video with just the singing tree faces instead of my complete viz display.. Make it full screen and you can see it a little better.. Thanks.


but I did it free hand and it only took me about a month or a little over to finish it.. 


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