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Can someone look at my channel configuration file?


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When I try to load my channel configuration file as a reference for visualizer I get an error that I have over twenty thousand channels and over ten thousand references. can someone look at my channel configuration file to see what I might have wrong. I can send you the channel config and a sequence that it has been used in if that will help.

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Hi Kzaas,

Nice display. Would it help if you deleted all the items that are always on or not in use anymore and did a save as? Or maybe break the lights down into sections.

I was wondering if you had double ups in your configuration, maybe because of multiple tracks. Not sure if that would do it? I drew my visualization by hand and added the tracks manually. I would leave out the singing faces etc. Also you could use a separate visualisation for any mega trees and or matrix, as you probably want to sequence those separately anyway.


When all else fails I go back over the manual. Maybe S4 has less limitations

The Light-O-Rama Visualizer imposes the following limits on your visualizations:


· Maximum size of a simulation: 2500x2500 pixels. However, it may be further limited based on your computer's specifications.

· Total number of fixtures: 1024

· Total number of props: 512

· Maximum number of bulbs/vertices per fixture: 256 (depending on Fixture Type)

· Maximum number of loaded channel references: 10,000 normal plus 10,000 RGB


· Maximum number of virtual channels: Unlimited, but only the first 255 will be simulated.

· Maximum number of fixtures per channel: Unlimited, but only the first 16 fixtures will be simulated.

· Cosmic Color and DMX Pixel Fixtures: Only 1 CCD fixture per Network/Unit or 1 DMX Pixel fixture per Universe - No duplicates.

· Device types and unit IDs: This depends upon your license's feature level. Please refer to the feature comparison chart to check whether your device type or unit ID is supported by your feature level. Note: The demo version of the Visualizer counts as Basic with respect to this.

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My apologies I did not give all of the information, I am using version 4.08( I will update my profile) and the big thing I only have around 14,400 channels so why does it think I have more. I do have multiple tracks but isn't LOR software smart enough to know about channel duplications. I have four tracks; Master track which is 12 LOR AC controllers and 24 channels of Digital I/O, Track 2 is RGB master track that is All the RGB lights including two CCR's, Track three is a group track which is a mixture of track one and track two and are duplicates of the first two tracks and finally a working track with no channels assignments, it is mainly used for copy and paste functions 

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