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Jeff Messer

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Try to delete group list and when you left click to get the box around it and right click to bring up the box so you can delete all it does is flash once. Every now and then I get the box so I can remove them group list. Does anyone know what causes this to happen?

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Hate to see a question unanswered.

My answer would be no, but even though that's a useless answer,

it will bump you back up where someone smarter than I might be able to help.

But in similar topic to your question, now that George has taught me how to use groups,

that's the only way to live. But I would question why you want to delete a group? From what I learned from Simmons and now that I'm very experienced with groups (a month...) why would you not use the degroup instead? I know, you need the pop-up to not flash for this function as well, but when it does correctly come up for you, again - degroup seams to be the better choice.

Of course, unless I'm totally confused again and in that case, simply ignore this rambling reply and someone please help Jeff...

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I'm not sure if I understand what you're describing, but if I do: You don't have to left-click on the channel group's button.  You can just right-click on it.  That should bring up the channel group's popup menu even if you haven't previously left-clicked on the button.

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When I right click the group list it will only flash and disappear. Looks like another command caused the mouse to leave. I have noticed in the 4.0 version it does not do it.


I was removing channel group to lower my channel count. For many years I have programmed my show in the SE with all channels up top and to fake the visualizer out all channels below a certain point in the SE were CCR's. So I had a lot of props doubled. One with DMX channels and others with CCR channels.


So it was killing me just to delete channels cause all it would do was flash. My new channel layout is 32,000 channels and now with 4.0 version I have all as DMX and no CCR stuff in the visualizer.


Hope to see the time that we can take the visualizer file and move it right into the PE without recreating all the props again. Now that would be sweet ....


Thanks for the bump Mega Arch!!!

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