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Ordered some pixels and pixabulbs for this upcoming year. Using a e682 device. Wondering how to set up roof lines and etc. on visualizer, never have used RGB before. Would say I am well educated using normal setup in visualizer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Its easy to set up in the hardware profile, the channel assignments however the visualizer doesn't like any universe, not starting on channel 1. The e682 allows for universe overlapping into the next one which is just fine such as 510 channels on universe 1, then 90 channels on universe 2. Works just fine in the hardware and the the actual running of the lights, but not the visualizer. The visualizer does like the channel assignments of the P12S card by JoshuaSystems but there are only 12 universes and I'm thinking it'll like the new HolidayCoro 16 card as supposedly that new card coming out now, we can assign a universe to each of the 16 connectors.

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