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adding controllers


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The second controller will need to have a different id number than the first. You can change the id with the hardware utility. 

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There are a couple of things you need to do. Some have already been mentioned. In no particular order ...


  • Open a sequence from last year, and add another 16 channels to it. I would recommend right-clicking on the last channel, and add a new device. Be sure to choose the 16 channel CTB type controller. Make sure to give it a different ID that your other controller. Suggest 02 for now.
  • Once you add the new channels to your sequence, go to Edit -> Import/Export -> Export Channel Config and save that to a new LCC file. You can now use this to Import your LCC into your other sequences.
  • You will need to connect ONLY the new controller to your USB and open the LOR Hardware Editor. (HWU) Once in the HWU change the address of that controller to 02. Close HWU.
  • Once you do that you 'simply' connect the two controllers together via network cable.
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