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I am going with quite a few pixels in my display this year. I am making a few arches by the landscape edging method. After cutting the edging to length I realized that they make a complete perfect circle. Now I am thinking of going with circles instead of arches or maybe doing half and half. My question is do any of you use circles in your display? If so how did they turn out and how did you like them? I do not know if I want to go circles only because this will be my 4th year and first year with arches and or circles. Maybe someone could post a video of their display if they have circles in it. I would like to get an idea of what it would look like.



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Yes I've watched those before but I am wanting to see how they look combined with other elements.

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Circles go well with arches, as you can have the arches leaping and the circles spinning in time. You can also achieve the look of arches by only using half the circle. Sequencing would be harder, unless your using Nutcracker or superstar, which is probably very similar to sequencing arches.

I was thinking of having random circles with 25 pixels each on my house.

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Take a look at my videos. I had a large circle year before last and didn't care too much for it. 100 pixels and about 4' diameter. The smaller circles I did last year, I liked them much, much better. Had a lot of positive comments also. I know you were looking at something larger, but just thought I would throw this in for a different option



Large circle at :40


Links to 2014 videos in signature.


My smaller ones from last year had 16 pixels each.



Edit: Somebody on here last year, (might have been on facebook) added the 4 CCR circles with his display. Let me see if I can find it


His name is David Rise. He's moved his videos and I can't find them yet.

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Thanks for sharing the videos. It will help me make a decision on what to do. I do like the looks of circles and arches together.

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I started with LOR with 3 CCR's and I made circles. The circles are a little over 5 feet across x 3 circles gives me a 15 foot prop. The first year all I did was sequence for the circles. I did notice that after alwhile sequences became a little harder to come up with something original because you only have a basic shape to sequence too. I suppose it's to similar to arches. I still like my circles and they easy and quick to sequence with Superstar. I also like that you can chase them round and round instead of just bouncing back and forth (although you can do that too)

When I built them I aimed the LED's at a 90 degree angle from the audience, because they are just to bright. I also put white backing behind them and a small piece of white lexan as a border to keep the light contained to that prop and it creates a nice glow effect. If the small border strip was not there they would tend to wash out or illuminate other props. I have pics to explain this if interested.

Here's a couple of examples. Theses vids are from years past.


and I posted another video in this thread that shows the circle in action.



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