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8th Annual Virginia Mini

Andy Anderson

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The 8th Annual Virginia Mini will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015.  Matthew Satterwhite has graciously offered to host the mini this year.  The location will be Hanover Academy located at 115 Frances Road in Ashland, VA 23005.   Hanover Academy is just off I95 in Ashland which is on the north side of Richmond. 


The minis are an excellent opportunity to meet with other Christmas lighting enthusiasts to share ideas, design plans, implementation, sequencing or just to meet other with the same goals in Christmas lighting displays.


We want to allow time for everyone attending to introduce themselves and tell us about their favorite display element. We want to give you a heads up so you can prepare to either bring the element or take pictures or videos of it and describe the details of how you built it and how it works.  This could take some time, but we'll all learn so much more!  Anything from your display that you would like to share with the group.  Talk about why it is special to you, or why you made it, how you made it or anything you want to share about it.  There is always a story to tell. 


We will provide drinks.  Like last year we are asking everyone to bring some food to share with the group for lunch.  Cost will be $5 per person to pay for use of the building.


Further details will be announced later.  We will probably start with a meet and greet about 11:00 AM, with lunch at noon.  Then start the mini at 1:00 PM and be over by 4:00 PM


Matthew & I look forward to seeing everyone.


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Will there be felow LOR users there that would be interested in helping me with DMX pixels and try and get my thick head around the whole tracks/groups thing? LOL I have Don's info on tracks from a few years back and I took George Simmons online training and he showed some group ideas but now that my show and number of controllers are growing I'm getting myself confused.

I work off of one channel config and unnamed track for all sequences and do have a few groups already but I'm planning on adding 4 arches for this year and a 48 channel Mega Tree next year to my current 48 channel show.  




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EvilM0nkey,  Hope you make it out to the mini.  Matthew and I look forward to meeting you.

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Just one week until the Virginia Mini.  We have several sponsors that have donated gift certificates and door prizes.  Matthew and I are looking forward to seeing everyone again.


Light O Rama

Christmas Light Show                                 


CDI (Paul Sessel)

3G Lighting                                                   

Christmas Done Bright                                

WOW Lights                                                 

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All right,  Matthew & I are looking forward to meeting you.  Just three days away.



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Hey Andy,


I'll be there with some of my "Famous" BBQ meatballs. :P I haven't made anything new but now have a website I can share during the intros. Do you think there are enough people coming that weren't there last year to warrant me bringing my PVC gift package to share like I did last year? That is if I can get to it in storage! LOL


See you all on Saturday! 

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We have have several new people this year.  Go ahead and bring your gift package. 


It is almost here.  See you on Saturday.



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Hi Andy and Matt,


Thanks again for hosting the mini yesterday.  Had a great time meeting new people and seeing new ways to use lighting.


A couple people asked about my soffet mounted pixels.  I have a few pics to share, but I don't think the Vendor Marketplace would be the right place.  I'll open another thread under General Decorating Questions.


dave #1

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